The Kansas City Tuesday News Grab

Hot takes from pop culture as of late . . .

Variety: Bishop Apologizes to Ariana Grande for ‘Too Friendly’ Grope During Aretha Franklin Funeral

The Australian: ‘Maybe I crossed the border’: Bishop apologises for touching Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin funeral

CNN: Ariana Grande reminds us women have no safe place in America

Closer to home, we're getting a hold of these news links that mostly focus on entertainment, food and the local culture vulture scene . . .

KCMO Fried Bread Fiasco

KC Coffee and Donut Festival leaves bad taste for attendee

Christina Ray couldn't pass up an offer of unlimited doughnuts and coffee. The nearly $40 VIP ticket she bought to the 1st Annual Coffee and Donut Festival at the Overland Park Convention Center this weekend, promised as much. But when she got in the door, she saw long lines and lack of communication from event organizers not affiliated with the convention center.

City Hall Good Life Op/Ed

Travel expenses prove need for KC Council ethics reform | The Kansas City Star

New information about the travel habits of Mayor Sly James and the Kansas City Council reveals an urgent need at City Hall: Real ethics reform must be enacted before a the next mayor and council take office next year.

Boozy Working News

Service industry veteran will open Dodson's Bar & Commons in Waldo - Kansas City Business Journal

A new bar with a neighborhood feel is taking over the former Waldo Bar space at 7438 Wornall Road in Kansas City. Eric Schmidt, who most recently was bar manager at Boru Ramen Bar, hopes to open Dodson's Bar & Commons no later than Sept. 17.

High Class Local Guide

Reservation for One at The Savoy in 21C - In Kansas City

The Savoy at 21c sails between two worlds-heritage and vogue. When first walking into the bar, ducking through plush curtains, you still see the heritage-all dark-wood bar, vintage green tile, stained glass windows, and murals of pioneers at Westport Landing. In the dim light, it could be 1903 again, when cattle and lumber barons once...

Airport Aftermath

In Icelandair's first season at KCI, flights are surprisingly full - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City International Airport's first nonstop transatlantic flight service is nearing the end of its first season - and it's been a good run. Monthly traffic reports from the airport (Code: MCI) show Icelandair has flown 3,843 passengers during the first two-plus months since its inaugural flight May 26 through July 31, according to the latest data available.

Kansas City Not Talent Lineup

Your guide to 'American Idol' auditions in KC Sunday

Here's what you need to know for Sunday's "American Idol" auditions in Kansas City. The auditions will go from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Barney Allis Plaza, which is at 301 W. 13th St. in Kansas City. Registration is expected to begin around 7:30 a.m. Auditions are open to people ages 15-28 only.

Bitter Blogger Review

All the Yums - Shake Shack

There are few things in this world that I lose my mind in excitement over. My wife telling me that I was right. A behind the back, no-look basketball swish. Riding the Hogwarts Express at Universal.

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  1. The million dollar question is.......Is she going to let him get by with it?

    Sorry is good but not good enough! He needs to go to jail!

  2. whats the big deal just a preacher doing what they do best

  3. That whole event was a hot mess. For starters, NO funeral needs to last for 8 hours. Secondly, there are press pics showing Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, taking selfies with Bill Clinton. One word people: FUNERAL.

  4. Too many of these so-called Bishops have been using their influence to tale indecent liberties with people. I would bet this is just the tip of the iceberg with this clown. He should be investigated and anyone who he has harassed should now step forward.

  5. He's just a man of God, layin' hands. A favorite of that old time religion.

    Good work if you can get it.


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