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Another quick look at the big picture . . .

CNN: When will the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show become size-inclusive?

Closer to home, Kansas City MSM news for the midday . . .

Kansas City Community Rescue

Community rallies to help wheelchair-bound man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local man who'd essentially been trapped in his home received a new beginning thanks to a community's generosity. Arthur Buford's plight surfaced last month. He needed a new wheelchair ramp to be able to get out of his home. Buford, 68, is wheelchair-bound and blind in his right eye.

Local Lawman Reconsiders Weed Judgement, Crime & Punishment

Former U.S. Attorney Grissom backs cannabis legalization | The Kansas City Star

As Missourians prepare to vote in November on whether to legalize medical marijuana, proponents have support from someone who used to prosecute federal laws. Former U.S. Attorney for Kansas Barry Grissom said Saturday that the federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, along with heroin, is "absurd" and he said advocates of marijuana legalization were patriots because they are standing up for individual liberty.

Show-Me Broke-Ass Accounting

Officials Now Clear Why Missouri's Budget Is $100 Million In The Hole

Missouri lawmakers and administrators are trying to figure out what has caused a $100 million budget shortfall in the first two months of the current fiscal year.

Cash Crop Redux

Kansas takes moves toward growing industrial hemp | The Wichita Eagle

Kansas took its first step this week in joining 40 other states in the U.S. that are growing industrial hemp, according to a spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. A law passed by the legislature and signed by Gov.

Saving Inner Suburban Resources

Raytown in negotiations to transfer emergency medical services to fire protection district

Raytown in negotiations to transfer emergency medical services to fire protection district Raytown Fire Protection District could begin providing emergency medical services on Nov. 17 Raytown officials are negotiating to transfer emergency medical services to the Raytown Fire Protection District.

Trucking Consequences

As fatal truck crashes surge, U.S. government won't make an easy fix

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Angela Arvanitakis of Overland Park, Kan., fears sharing the road with big rigs, and even more so after one plowed into her daughter's car last year in Nebraska. "They go too fast," she said. "I'm nervous every time I see a semi coming near."

Local Forecast Hotness

Summer heat in place for the start of the week

Starting Thursday, fall conditions arrive

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  1. Recreational weed would help the tax and job situation. The medical is a half way move that just makes the doctors the middle man.

  2. the truck crashes are due to corporations sticking truckers with GPS devices and telling them to hurry the fck up and not rest. Trying to replace truckers with self driving trucks is another level of bullshit.

  3. ^^^^ They are also considering lowering the age to drive a semi from 21 to 18.

  4. the head trucking lobbyist who lives in dc endorsed a kansas candidate for governor.

    he may have done a good job getting truck regulations loosened--look at all the big rigs now--but it's not clear why his endorsement would be a positive for a candidate for anything.

  5. I-70 to St. Louis is a truck highway.

    It needs to be widened to three lanes with no trucks allowed in the left lane, a format many modern states have adopted.


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