The Kansas City September Ruckus

The GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City political discourse is gearing up upcoming elections and also talking the culture war both locally and nationwide.

Here's the description of tonight's episode . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to Patrick Miller, political science professor, about the early polling data in key races in Kansas and Missouri. Jamekia Kendrix, Shawn Saving, Crosby Kemper III and Steve Rose discuss the similarities between Kris Kobach and Donald Trump, the implementation of new security measures in Westport and the funding debate over a proposed new aquarium for the Kansas City Zoo."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Age Of Aquarium KC9/14/18, 12:02 AM

    Kemper has it right about the aquarium.

    ALL of it needs to be privately funded, KCMO should not be in the aquarium business.

    No affordable housing for fish!

  2. Once again an expert, this time a Political Science Professor, makes it plain...


    Kansas Republican voters cannot hide their heads in the sand and try to appease their disgust for Kobach's grandstanding by voting for an "Independent", Orman is only there to draw the Moderate votes away from Kelly.

    So, Republicans, your choice has been made clear, a Showboating Egomaniac who has no interest in the State except as a possible stepping stone, or a Democrat.

  3. 5:59am gives really good advice to Kansans about voting for a Showboating Egomaniac who is just looking at being elected as a stepping stone to something bigger.
    The voters in KCMO would be well-advised to take the same advice about Jason Pander.
    How about electing responsible adults for a change?

  4. We might consider that @6:04, IF there were any running!

    Other than Kander, all we have is a selection of Sly James Council Assistants, aka "Slick Sly with no Bow Tie", a pair of one-issue noobs, and Clay Chastain, who scares the Establishment so much they wouldn't even invite him to a Debate.

    "Who Ya Gonna Call?"

  5. The pinkos are out early this morning.

  6. ^^^^^^^


    Learn what a PINKO is! And stop plagiarizing my posts!

  7. Kemper talks a good game but it's pretty obvious he's just part of the local establishment getting all the benefits while everyone else get's screwed.

  8. Watching JaREEKa is as bad as watching Gwen/Glenn "the hair hat" Grant.

  9. Well, kemper is a gazillionaire so.......

  10. Distract and control what people (viewers) think.

    Nothings changed.

  11. That's television. Us tech people are better at controlling and manipulating people (into buying shit-crap) with our gadgetry. We do the all thinking and decision making. Now go post a selfie.

  12. 7:52 comment
    Actually, you're wrong.
    CK3 turned away from the clubby establishment of the KCMO status quo and leads the KC Library. He's an outspoken critic of corporate welfare, tax and spend policies, and big government inefficiency.
    There's a misconception that he's fabulously wealthy also, based upon his last name.
    He's fortunate to live a comfortable life, but I think you'd be surprised to see the relatively modest scale of his socioeconomic footprint. A KCMO apartment, not a Mission Hills mansion. He rides the streetcar to work, not a limousine. He's happy to have his books, be able to dine out, and live a simple life.

    KCMO is a better place because of his efforts.

  13. ^^^I agree.

  14. 946 thank you.

    also, although it would never happen, the guy would make a fabulous, honest-broker, good-faith mayor!

  15. I'm sorry, did the aquarium at Crown Center go away while I wasn't looking?

    Glad they backed off from using the GO-Bond money for this. That would have been nothing short of criminal as that money is SUPPOSED to be going to infrastructure and that damn kennel they just HAD to build.

    I just don't see what the city needs to cut a check for $7M for this. It not a need. The city has REAL needs that Jameeka and Crosby detailed. This city is always trying to use tax dollars for things it doesn't need.


  16. Phil Glynn doesn't seem to have drunk the TIF KoolAid. Check him out.

  17. Phil Glynn is about the only candidate in the race that seems to give a shit about the people. The others will likely be S'lie James 2.0 and bend the city over to give money to developers.


  18. Kemper's condo receives a tax abatement. He is the biggest hypocrite ever.


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