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A quickie update with our favorite hip-hop hottie:

NYP: Nicki Minaj to release surprise ‘Bad Guy’ collection with Diesel

Saw1st: Nicki Minaj in Wonderland Magazine Photoshoot – Autumn 2018

Page Six: Cardi B already joking about fight with Nicki Minaj

Closer to home, these news links power our evening . . .

Kansas City Right Of Way Debate

Arrest made following crash involving U.S. Marshal

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A suspect is in custody following a crash near East 74th Street and Troost Avenue in Kansas City. He was caught after being involved in a crash with a U. S. Marshal, who blocked the suspect's vehicle before a chase could begin.

Point Blank Golden Ghetto Murder Case

Pregnant Olathe woman was shot, boyfriend faces murder case | The Kansas City Star

A pregnant woman killed along with her unborn child in Olathe earlier this year died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to testimony Monday in Johnson County District Court. A boyfriend of Ashley Harlan, accused in the January shooting and now facing a possible death penalty case, is the one who called police.

JoCo Zoning Lesson In Fear

Proposed development will be right next to OP elementary, raising safety concerns with parents

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Parents are raising concerns with a newly proposed development right next to Morse Elementary at 151st St and Quivira. Several members of Overland Park's planning commission said this plan is not ideal or the best option, but pushed the topic to the full commission.

Show-Me Clean-Up Support

Editorial: Keep the 'Clean Missouri' initiative alive for November

T hink of political corruption in Missouri government as a jigsaw puzzle, composed of interlocking pieces: State legislators have freewheeling power to raise money from lobbyists. Those lobbyists can give personal gifts to those lawmakers, while urging them to pass laws that serve their high-paying clients.

Worthwhile Local Lawn Effort

Go-Long fund making college dreams come true for Kansas City students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A group of business retirees in Kansas City decided 16 years ago to start a lawn business to raise money to give college scholarships to high school students. Today, the Go-Long Foundation fund has helped more than 130 students go to college.

Helping Hand For KCMO Money Pit

New Zoo playground now even more inclusive thanks to the gift of a cart from the Royals

The playground is in one of the farthest spots from the zoo entrance

Local Foodie Road Trip Guide

Food Critics: Dishes Worth A Short(ish) Drive From Kansas City

If you've listened to any of our previous conversations with the Food Critics, you know that there isn't a shortage of top-notch food options in the Kansas City metro area. Sometimes, though, you want a change of scenery during dinner.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Don’t worry, homie won’t go to jail for long, it was only a pregnant white girl he murdered, mean jean will let him off for reparations. He’ll be out murdering other pregnant white girls before you know it

  2. Great Cosplay outfit on Nikki, one of Marvel's lesser-known Superheroines,

  3. The Foodies have lots of fun, but if you don't want to pay $25 for a wooden cutting Board with small amounts of six different Cheeses on it, take a drive to the Pullman Restaurant in Leavenworth for awesome "real food"!

  4. Sleep with the sharks you end up in the mud.

  5. ^^TKC Scholars

  6. 7:53 read much? The murder happened in Olathe, not KCMO. I called it the day it happened. I said it would be a black baby daddy that killed her and I was right. White girls, how many of these do you have to see?


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