Kansas City Royals Losing Streak Continues

Despite meaningless late season winning when it doesn't count . . . The franchise continues to endure one of its worse seasons of all-time . . . Here's a glimpse at their struggle and the bitter downfall from greater Kansas City glory . . . Read more:

Kansas City Royals: How things have changed in just three year

As the 2018 season is coming to an end, looking at the lineup the Kansas City Royals are using every night is a sign of the future. However, when you look at this team, it doesn't seem all that long ago that we were celebrating the Royals success during the regular season as they were running away with the American League Central and having the best record in the American League.


  1. Could be worse, it could be like the decades old losing streak of Tony Botello, who FAILED to stop the launch and popularity of the KC Streetcar, the new downtown convention hotel, and the single terminal airport, DESPITE calling himself an “influencer”. Tony did SUCCEED at being sued for LIBEL and continues to live in his mom’s basement.

  2. "Losing streak continues." ??? They won five in a row, then lost one. How is that a losing streak? Or are you just recycling old headlines? Lazy!

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^ STFU fanboy. Go find a royals blog to blow yourself. Dimwit.


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