The Kansas City 1st Friday Morning Look

First, a glimpse at our favorite purveyor of panties . . .

Biz Insider: Victoria's Secret is broken and its Pink franchise is in the 'early innings' of a long decline

Closer to home, these NICER NEWS links in one tight package are also worth a peek . . .

Kansas City Urban Core Caring Bridge
Operation Breakthrough bridge over Troost symbolizes 'real community'
Country Club Plaza Revival???

Plaza management sees business turnover as 'opportunities' for future

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Shake Shack is the latest new shop to open on the Country Club Plaza. It comes with much fanfare, but next door and another places around the Plaza there are empty storefronts. Since February, at least 11 stores have closed including Burberry, Williams Sonoma, Zoom and recently Eden Alley.

Meth Town Kindness Report

Kindness of strangers helps save woman's home

​"I was kind of not believing in people anymore, and so this kind of restored my faith."

Kansas City Tech Biz Blast

NASA leader to deliver keynote at LaunchKC Day

An executive from the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) will "launch" the annual LaunchKC Pitch Day with an opening keynote address on Friday, Oct. 12 at Union Station. Kira Blackwell, Program Executive, Office of the Chief Technologist, NASA will speak to the audience at 9 a.m. Friday, Oct.

Inner Suburban Revival?!?!

With charming feel and major face lift to downtown, Mission offers eclectic vibe

MISSION, Kan. -- One metro city is booming but still keeping its small-town feel. Mission is experiencing major revitalization in its downtown corridor. There's something charming about downtown Mission. You can feel it when you walk through the Mission Market, a weekly farm and flower sale in the heart of town, held each Thursday night.

JoCo Dad Alt. Life

At Night, This Mild-Mannered Johnson County Father Is A Hard-Rock Star

A legitimate rock star is leading a life of quiet anonymity in Johnson County. As front man for the abrasive rock band Sevendust, Lajon Witherspoon has spent decades cultivating a rebellious image. When he's not on stage, though, he embraces tranquil suburban domesticity.

KC Supports Troops Inside The Loop

Marine opening multi-purpose Veteran's campus in downtown KC

A local charity is connecting Veterans to the community, and the community to Veterans. They've opened a campus in the West Crossroads downtown. We had a chance to talk to them about how it's not just for Veterans, but for everybody.

Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Pouring all of this money into operation Breakthrough and those people get free babysitting...but the funny thing is, they all pick up their kids in brand new Cadillac's, BMW's, Volvo's, and other types, but they are all new cars.

  2. ^^OK, Gladys Kravitz. Pay attention to your own wreck of a life. Mind your own business and go away!

  3. ^^^ You first.

  4. ^^lame and tired shtick.

  5. So the closing of stores on the Plaza "presents new opportunities", eh?
    Can't wait to hear how "Plaza Management" spins it when The Cheesecake Factory gets replaced with a Dollar General!

  6. ^^^Maybe stick to what you know....needlepoint and being lonely.

  7. Plaza--
    “It's important to always be careful to change it up a little bit, and to make sure that your center stays unique and different and changeable because it's a sign of a healthy retail center when you see constant change,” said Meredith Keeler, general manager of the Plaza.

    Healthy for you but not healthy for the retailers.

    Soon you will run out of retailers...

    Unique and different, not, you are falling into a hole, same shops everywhere now.

  8. Who's the local charity center opening the veterans center in the crossroads and what nights are bingo?

  9. Holy shiite, LaJon lives in the OP? That's cool. First heard of Sevendust in East STL at Pops. Some band had gone up on stage and were rocking pretty hard. I was surprised AF (to borrow a term from the kids) that the lead singer was a dreadlocked black dude. They're fun to see in concert. I wonder if I can still go, all gray-headed now.


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