Sunday Good News: Kansas City Police Working With Community

Credit where it's due and just one nice link today as this report offers deets of urban core and police collabo which is the last, best hope of curbing local killings and creating safer neighborhoods . . . While the rest of us were complaining on the Internets, these folks were partnering for the greater good . . . Take a look:

Kansas City law enforcement awarded for work in the community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Skateboarding and hip-hop dancing combined with an award ceremony for law enforcement took place in Kansas City's northeast side Saturday. Several officers from the Kansas City Police Department and the Wyandotte County and Jackson County Sheriff's Offices accepted plaques for work they've done.


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    Blacks make up 13% of the US population and commit 58% of the murders.
    That means blacks murder more than all other races combined.
    Blacks murder each other 93% of the time. Doubt these figures.
    See for yourself at the FBI website. Google "FBI table 49a" for crime stats by race.
    If we lost that 13% of the population.
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    Other Fun Facts: The results of 50 years of democrat social engineering

  2. Yea all your figures are false. We know better. Go sell that shit to Infowars white trash! Now go score some more opioids. Hopefully today’s the day you O.D.

  3. Can’t improve relations when your latest Police Academy class of graduates doesn’t reflect the communities you serve. Then the minorities that are hired as a front are washed out quickly during field training.


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