Steve Rose Offers Backhanded Compliment To Kansas SecState Kris Kobach

Credit where it's due . . . Our favorite local newspaper columnist shares this column that's both scathing critique AND ringing endorsement based on politics of the reader . . . Checkit:

Lessons from Trump could help Kobach become Kansas governor | The Kansas City Star

What Donald Trump uttered in January 2016 indicated an almost supernatural grasp of political instincts. Trump knew something about his most committed supporters that most of us probably dismissed as bluster. Warning: Kansans should heed the Trump lesson when measuring the prospects of Kris Kobach, the Republican nominee for Kansas governor.


  1. I just hope he parks the jeep in the governor's mansion driveway. Just to here the haters whine.

  2. MAGA

  3. Trump isn't Kobach's most important ally in this election.

    It's Ronnie Metsker.

  4. If Kobach could be half the Man Trump is he would run the state awesome.

    A spoonful of Trump sugar keeps the liberals 'a hatin.

  5. kobach is smart and a good debater, but orman did fine in the debate.

    orman would be a better manager and better leader, in addition to not being bogged down by either right or left idealogy like kobach and kelly.

    when some polls come out in a month, orman should be even with kobach and ahead of kelly.

    1. Will those be the same pollsters that said Billary ws going to win in a landslide? My wife and I have been very active voters for 31 years. Neved been polled. Polls are fake news.

  6. Sure are a lot of denials spewing forth regarding "No Collusion" and the NYT Anonymous "Treason" for them to be "fake news" !

    Why all the fuss and fury and continual denials, and demanding written denials of authorship from his Staff if there's nothing "real" there?

    If there's no Russian Collusion or any Obstruction of Justice, and no proof could be found because "it never happened", why not testify and put the matters to rest? What need to repeatedly call for an "end to the Witch Hunt" when it can be put to rest in one day?

    Why keep "Campaign Rallies" going, the election is over, and he supposedly won, why keep the "Tent Revival" on the road?

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
    (Hamlet Act 3, Scene 2)

  7. If the deep state is stealing papers from the President's desk, Congress must investigate now! If WH staff are ignoring his orders, they need to be revealed and prosecuted. WTF is Congress doing about it? Nothing is not an option.

    Issue subpoenas to the White House staff and find out who is ignoring lawful orders given by the commander-in-chief. The chain of command is not being followed.

    This is willful insubordination and is a crime. INVESTIGATE!!!


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