Show-Me Real ID Missouri 2019 Grace Period

Update on big government tracking that has bi-partisan support from politicos who are mostly unconcerned with the privacy of anyone but themselves. Read more:

Missouri inches closer to Real ID compliance

Missouri expects to receive another extension from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to give the state more time to become compliant with the Real ID Act. For now, Missouri has been granted a grace period through Jan. 21, 2019.


  1. Last chance for democrims to get their illegals to vote for them! Hahahahahahaha!

  2. ^^^ Last chance for repubturds to molest some children. Hahahahahahahahaha!

  3. This "Modest Proposal" has been propositioned many times over. Allow me to retort:
    Our neighbors to the north chime in as well:
    This argument is also a Broken Window Fallacy:
    Oregon Example:

    I counter, why not tax automobiles heavily, then invest in public infrastructure? GM & Firestone bought up Kansas City streetcar lines (and others, nationwide) in the late 50's & early 60's and then shut them down in order to promote the automobile. So, just do the same things with cars? Tax them out of existence so that public transportation can return to its former original glory? We would have less environmental pollution (soil, air, water, etc), fewer people NOT in automobiles being struck and killed, fewer automobile accidents, and better health than the majority of our current donut-shoveling, barrel-assed compatriots.
    Why are you opposed to walking? Why are you opposed to public transit? Why are you not fighting for convenient public transport? Lyft, Uber, Lime & Bird don't serve the masses. You don't *NEED* a smart phone to ride the bus or the streetcar (gerrymandered streetcar that it is).
    Try to remember as you fly down the road in you gas-powered machine of death, the long reach that every part of a car has, physically, mentally, socially, environmentally & financially; just to name a few.

  4. @12:52. you espouse some of the major issues with Real ID. Assuming you are on the Republican side, you've been sold a myth that somehow real ID is going to stop illegal voting. No chance. Without picture ID laws (which yes MO has, but many other States do not), the Real ID means nothing. It was exclusively designed to give the Federal Government unfettered access to our State databases. Concealed carry, State healthcare, food assistance, etc. Information that could previously be accessed only by written request. You throw all your faith into the government because Republicans are in charge. What happens when the radical left regains control? Maxine Waters who actively encourages violence against Republicans now can access "gun owners" to sic the prog antifa thugs against YOUR HOME ADDRESS without breaking a sweat. No it won't be immediate but to constantly trust the gov because its the gov, is a dangerous move.

  5. Overheard, "Hey honey, going take our gas powered machine of death to pick up a loaf of bread. Back in a jiffy."


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