Show-Me Mayor Sly Desperately Seeking Missouri Help With Kansas City Pre-K Tax

More deets as the lame duck local mayor takes his show on the road and asks for help to inflict a regressive tax on the residents of KCMO. Read more:

KCMO Mayor James asks Gov. Parson for help with Pre-K funding

ST. LOUIS - Missouri Governor Mike Parson spent Friday in St. Louis along with Kansas City Mayor Sly James and St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson to tour several locations that highlight programs aimed at growing the state's workforce to build the economy.


  1. Slie stated: "“If we’re not getting our kids at the earliest opportunity and training their brains for conflict resolution,for socialization, to be kindergarten ready so that they can read proficiently at third grade," etc.

    The kids will definitely experience conflict in the KCMOSD. Slie wants them reading at the third grade level when they are in kindergarten but somehow the kids are supposed to skip being able to read at the first and second grade level.

    Maybe all of his rhetoric is about teaching to standardized tests.

  2. Parson is too fiscally responsible and level headed to give into Slyme’s BS.

  3. Simon Of Trent9/8/18, 5:18 PM

    A Black man asking for money ? No Shit ?!

  4. Get some TIF money back that was taken away from the schools. Less money for luxury apartments and millionaire developers and lawyers = more money for kids and schools.

  5. The kids will too busy digesting their only meal of the day and worrying about going back to welfare momma and the strange smelling smoke and men at home.

  6. Why hasn’t anybody asked king sLIE about the fact that the school district states on their own website they already have 18 pre k programs.

  7. This is a back door attempt to get more tax money in a different way, did he find a way to get around the 14% max tax cap?

    1. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

  8. Sly wants the governor to "dump more money into pre-K education".
    And very few people know more about "dumping" money and not paying any attention to what the returns and results are than Sly.
    Parson isn't going to go to bat to increase education programs when he sees the task ahead as more fully funding education statewide generally.
    And his priorities are STEM programs and highway.road maintenance and repair.
    All serious and appropriate priorities in the state.
    Sly's going to have fund his dreams and promises somewhere else.
    Maybe GoFundMe.

  9. The mayor is a crook in a bow tie.


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