Show-Me Editorial Name Call Highlight

The deets of this down ballot contest don't register with most voters, however the newspaper touted this exchange in order to push their agenda.

Check allegations of Missouri politics getting down and dirty . . .

Missouri Republican just called her female opponent a dog | The Kansas City Star

In this, the year of the woman, the year of the dog and the year of our Lord 2018, the Republican nominee for Missouri auditor just called her female opponent a dog in their first debate.


  1. I was at the debate. Talk was aggressive on both sides but the Democrat attacked with facts while the Republican simply made shit up. I'll be voting for the libertarian.

  2. Somebody should have called Jason Kander a taxi at that first mayoral debate!

  3. The Missouri Constitution requires that the State Auditor meet the same requirements as the Governor.

    Among those is a requirement that the officeholder has been a resident of the State of Missouri for ten years.

    McDowell moved here in 2010.

    Add to this failure to meet a basic qualification for Office the fact that unlike Galloway, she is not a C.P.A., AND she also has $55,000 in legal claims still outstanding for various offenses, including non-payment of taxes, and it becomes easy to understand why she's so desperate!

    Crap, she sounds like another Greitens, but just not quite as ethical or honest.

    At least she has made promises to Ridgeway and Owen that she won't conduct the Clay County Audit that the Citizens requested by petitions, so the same old crap will keep happening in Liberty if she gets elected.

  4. Wouldn’t mind putting the special sauce on that sandwich.

  5. ^^But she would fatty. Maybe get a job, lose some weight, get a haircut, take a shower, and buy a personality and get back to us.


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