Show-Me Duck Boat Demise In Missouri

A comprehensive overview chronicles old school tourist trap transportation going the way of the dodo.

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After Missouri Duck-Boat Accident, a Summer Staple in Many Tourist Spots Suffers

Alex Moyers, owner of Chattanooga Ducks, said his amphibious tour-boat company was having its best year in more than two decades in operation until late July, when business suddenly slowed down. "We're really getting hurt," he said. On July 19, a similar duck-style tour boat sank in a heavy storm hundreds of miles away on Table Rock Lake in...


  1. Tony stop posting links we can't read and I sure as hell not going to subscribe to all of these media outlets.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ hey dipshit. That link is free if you know how to surf. Now learn the internet or go buy a stupid newspaper you piece of filth. Or go read facebook, this blog is not for the clueless noobs.

  3. ^^^^^^^^No it isn't you dipshit 7:41 is correct.

  4. These articles are just a rehash of stuff we already knew about the boat tragedy. Bad decisions led to deaths. Going over and over the news doesn't change the outcome. We got along fine without this type of "entertainment", so I think we'll be OK without it.


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