Show-Me Community Newspaper Replacing Corporate Dead-Tree Media

An encouraging glimpse at a grassroots effort to provide more news coverage to a nearby community without the biz newspeak.

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New Carthage newspaper hits the streets

If your idea of a good newspaper is the Jasper County Citizen, the Sarcoxie Record or the Pierce City Leader-Journal, you are going to love the new newspaper that Carthage residents received in the mail Thursday.


  1. we need something like a weekly local paper for kc. all local news only. no national politics where yokels opine on subjects far removed from us. local politics, yes, but factual and not duatorted like now.

    not expensive to subscribe to. they could sell a lot of ads.

  2. common sense9/8/18, 5:19 PM

    TKC could/should team up with someone to publish a paper weekly or bi-weekly, thus expanding readership beyond keyboard warriors. The printed version would parallel the blog as closely as possible. Finally, all sides of metro issues could be presented vs the star's pitiful adherence to 12th and oak. Section off topics, similar to here and allow (perhaps the “best”) x number of comments per article. Of course, the language wold have to be much tamer than acceptable here, but that simply means more intelligent participants. Diaper boy need not post. Ads? Of course. I'd be happy to pay for a subscription.

  3. and please have sports, restaurant reviews, events calendar, road closings, police notes, and obits. just like a small town newspaper.

  4. I sure like the idea of a LOCAL newspaper. Hope we get one.


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