Sen. McCaskill Plays It Cool On Anonymous NYT Editorial Claiming Prez Trump Bonkerz

Anonymous comment "journalism" debate triggers competency speculation as the embattled Missouri politico smartly stays away from this brutal fight.

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McCaskill 'uncomfortable' that anonymous White House critic of Trump is not stepping forward

WASHINGTON * Sen. Claire McCaskill said Thursday she is "very uncomfortable" with an anonymous editorial in the New York Times from inside the White House that is highly critical of President Donald Trump and calls into question his fitness for the office.


  1. First off the NYT should have never printed the story and second off whoever wrote it needs to be found and exposed.

    Personally I think a Times writer wrote it.

  2. Look at what he has done for the economy with so little help.

  3. ^^Yes, he's managed to destroy it all by himself!

  4. I think Bob Woodward wrote it in order to regain focus on his book bashing Trump.
    Announcement and sales of his book has taken back seat to Kavanaugh hearings.

    Woodward has a lot of friends and enemies in the press.
    He wrote, then gave it to his friends at NYT and they polished it and obliged with a print.

    It won't be long before we find out.

    That's my worthless two cents.

  5. Why do you claim he's "done so much with so little help"?
    The Republicans completely control the Presidency, both Houses of Congress, and have a majority on the Supreme Court, what's stopping them from accomplishing whatever they want?

    The only answer possible is that they don't have a flipping clue as to what to do, so they just sit around pissing and moaning about those "damn Democrats"! That might have made some sort of sense when the Democrats were in power, but now it's just more wackiness from "CRAZYTOWN"

  6. Economy is booming.....yet wages are stagnant (this is backed by stats before you weirdos jump in). So, who's benefiting?

    Yeah, I know 401k's and stuff are up but I'm not retiring for another 15 years or so. Lot of good that does me.

  7. Wage stagnation has been a problem for decades. Economists don't understand why. Nevertheless, it used to be Bush's fault. Now it's Trump's fault. It was never Obama's fault.

  8. Don't know what you're talking about @8:46 - EVERYTHING was Obama's fault- still is!
    Don't you watch Fox News?

  9. The emperor has no clothes.

  10. Damn right, @9:23, Obama started the Vietnam War and the Forever War we're trapped in now, he personally drove every single one of the illegal immigrants across the border, he planned the failure of every mismanaged company that's closed in the last twenty years, and on top of all that, he was born in Wakonda!


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