Savor Kansas City Royals Season Of FAIL

2018 was probably one of the most important years the franchise has ever enjoyed. We separated the true fans from the housewives and their cutesy merch . . . The publicity hounds jumping on the bandwagon and the people who actually love the game.

Not so fun fact . . .

There is nothing more "Kansas City" than complaining about how much the Royals suck.

For most of the modern era this has defined the discourse regarding the team and a clever analogy post season round-up offers a new perspective on the comedy of errors.

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Hok Talk: This season is like bad coffee

Ya know how when you drink any kind of flavored drink - tea, coffee, soda, ICEES, whatever - and you get to the bottom and you want to enjoy those last couple of sips so badly because once it's gone it's gone?


  1. aren't there some glimmers of hope?

  2. Pretty damn exciting game last night. Do we finally have a pitcher?!

  3. Through the entire history of baseball your odds of seeing your team win a given game hovers around 50%, real fans know this. Winning seasons are to be celebrated, championships cherished.


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