Rock Chalk Postscript: Lawrence, Kansas Mass Street Stays Losing One Year After #AssJamz Deadly Gunfire Rampage

Tonight we consider how Kansas City violence can impact communities far away. Just days away is the one year anniversary of a horrific college town shooting resulting in horrendous loss of life including an innocent young woman who was trying to escape Westport violence.

The aftermath also speaks to the death of retail as well given that Mass St. is turning into a ghost town.

What types of shops do you want in downtown? As vacancy rate climbs, downtown group wants to know

Get out your wish list for downtown Lawrence. As the city's main business district posts a higher-than-normal vacancy rate, downtown leaders want to know what types of stores or businesses you think downtown Lawrence needs most. Downtown Lawrence Inc. is in the early stages of a project aimed at gathering data about wants and needs [...]


  1. It's always bad news when Starbucks moves in. Shut em down like Westport coffee did in westport.

  2. Weave shops, nail salons and Footlockers.

  3. When someone is trying to "escape" violence, they often end up bringing it with them.

  4. I wonder if there is any similarities between the shootings in Lawrence and those in Westport. I wonder what it could be???.?????????????

  5. A gay bar would surely succeed in Lawrence. Actually, you could open 10 gay bars and they would all be successful because like 90% of Lawrence men are homosexuals.

    1. Sounds like a great place to pick up chics.


  6. Well they could put a Nike store in that seems fitting.

  7. I would say more Bars! And then some Bars, and a micro-Brewery if you can get one, and some Bars, and lets see... a couple of places where you can get a drink, a Tavern or to, and... more Bars!

    Drop all pretenses that Lawrence is anything more than a Party Town, and KU has anything to do with education!


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