Right-Wing Not Really Impressed With Kansas 3rd District Congressman Yoder

These voters probably won't stray from the party line but here's a glimpse as populist/nationalist pushback from hardcore Conservatives who continue challenging the "moderate" credentials of JoCo Republican.

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Rep. Yoder Promises More Middle-Class Outsourcing for Kansas Voters | Breitbart

Yoder is campaigning for reelection, and is justifying his outsourcing plan by portraying himself as a moderate between two extremes: There is this sense in this country that you are against all legal immigration, on the right, or you are for open borders and abolishing ICE, like my [Democratic] opponent.


  1. Are they more impressed with him than, say, a fucking Indian lesbian socialist? Maybe the right wing faggots should shut the fuck up.

  2. Simon Of Trent9/10/18, 6:28 PM

    I wonder what Yoder thinks he's "conserving" by giving American jobs to Third World Shitskins.

  3. He's a really good skinny dipper.

  4. He’s been beholden to the Indians since that shooting in Olathe. That’s why he paraded the widow around for some PR after the incident. With candidates like Yoder and Davids, we’re screwed either way.

  5. yoder isn't that bad and is basically ok.

    remember, we're talking congressman.

    on local and personal stuff, his staff people are said to be good.

    it's amusing that so much money is being speng for a race that seems to be pretty much over.

  6. Why is there a link to Breitbart on TKC? Might as well get your news from Infowars too.


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