Please Help & Clown The Can City Podcast

We've talked about these jerks over the past year and we have to admire their hustle in pleading with their 160 viewers in order to climb atop the Pitch "Best Of" issue . . . TKC has been there about a half a dozen times and I don't have the heart to tell them that it doesn't really help.

Still, they seem to be having a fun time with their online ask . . . Which is worth . . . Something.

Take a look and help them out via click in order to help perpetuate the deplorable myth of "Kansas City nice" and validity of family safe jokes which represent a more insidious kind of politics dedicated to keeping the populace in a self-perpetuating mediocre malaise of corporate schlock.

OR . . . Our middle-manager friends should admire all of their work to keep smiling and put on a happy face amid the laws of entropy and diminishing returns.


  1. Their comedy makes me sad.

    In a bad way.

    Too bad about Joel Nichols, I though he died. This is worse.


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