Overland Park Farmer's Market Fight Today

Preview of a debate among seniors, early risers, city officials, small biz and busybodies . . . It's not gonna but fun but STILL offers another opportunity to create lifelong rivalries over mundane municipal issues that don't matter to the vast majority of the populace. Take a peek:

Overland Park officials, residents to discuss future of Santa Fe Commons on Wednesday

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) - Officials in Overland Park are ready to make changes to one of the city's most recognizable parks and they want members of the community to weigh in. City leaders say Santa Fe Commons Park, near downtown, is in need of repair.


  1. I think they can always add to a park with a festival or gathering but why spend money to destroy a park. The idea has some heart though. It might fit well for the community.

  2. The park is just fine as it is leave it alone

  3. people always wanting to fix something that isnt broke

  4. Need something to attract more hot young sluts downtown.


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