Olathe, Kansas Republican Cue-ball Confronts Election Fraud Charges

Again, the vast majority of illegal aliens don't vote but this JoCo dude is now facing some serious consequences for his election gambit. Read more:

Olathe candidate for Kansas house seat charged with felony | The Kansas City Star

An Olathe man running for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives was arrested Thursday on a charge of election fraud. Adam T. Thomas, who is the Republican candidate for the 26th District House seat, is charged in Johnson County District Court with election perjury.


  1. A Republican?

    This must be a mistake. A Republican would never commit voter fraud. Voter suppression ...

  2. Way to go Kobach! Stay on top of your number one priority as SOS, that of monitoring election fraud.

    Wait, you didn't file this? The JoCo DA charged him. Oops.

    Turns out KKKobach is actually the biggest fraud of all.

  3. 2:59 has AIDS

  4. Another benefit of diversity right there!

  5. Does the crime really fit the publicity ? He was trying to serve.

  6. Noboby "serves" anymore. Politicians are only running serve themselves.


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