New KCI Double Down After FAIL

Busy work for the afternoon and a reminder that Kansas City officials don't really know what they're doing with this STALLED project that has broken just about every promise from the election.

Take a look:

Edgemoor gives FAA revised KCI community benefits agreement - Kansas City Business Journal

The project team behind the $1.3 billion single-terminal renovation at Kansas City International Airport is taking another crack at submitting a community benefits agreement after federal regulators rejected parts of an initial effort.


  1. Can Edgemoor build a bridge instead ?

  2. The new proposal is also probably invalid.

  3. Can anyone guess at how much money has already been spent for basically NOTHING?
    This fiasco started weak and then tapered off.
    Just remember that first secret meeting with Sly, Justus, and Schulte.
    Keep those names in mind for when they reappear with yet another grandiose idea.
    What an amateur joke!

  4. Add Teresa Loars name to that list. She provided no counterbalance whatsoever to all this bull-shit. She considers herself a disrupter. However, she’s been unable to provide any leadership on any of the major issues before City Hall. She likes to claim credit for a moving a dozen tool sheds from Home Depot to a piece of city owned land and say she’s solved the veteran housing problem. Not quite the “renovate the existing terminals to the bones” and kill the convention hotel SuperGirl Councilwoman that she campaigned as...


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