New KCI Design Remains Sketchy

More meetings along with the tacit revelation that Kansas City voters offered approval to a BILLION-DOLLAR SCHEME sign unseen thanks to politicos who understood that playing games with contracts is far more rewarding than guarding the public trust.

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Edgemoor plans 7 open houses to update public on new KCI terminal project

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You have a chance to hear about the progress on a new terminal at KCI straight from the project leaders. Beginning Tuesday, the Edgemoor team will host seven open houses this month. Organizers want to use the open houses to update the public about the project, answer questions and receive feedback.


  1. This whole thing is sketchy. City government has wasted too much time on this and failed.

    Remodel/repair existing airport for less money. win win all the way around.

  2. Great idea, @3:59pm, but there's already been way too much money thrown away to even pause now, much less stop.
    And even more important, there have been endless commitments and promises to a very long list of the usual suspects.
    And just think of all that money, at least $1.5 billion, so much that accounting for how it's spent will be even less likely than usual, even for KCMO government.
    As cavalier as Sly and the gang have been with tax dollars during the last six years, the airport scam will put all the rest to shame.
    Grifter Central.

  3. Remodel the airport and build a bridge.

  4. wasn't there an image floating around with a view from the runway side of the concrete terminals having a 'light n airy' structure adjoining them? The designers are just not very good if they can not remodel the existing structures. Firms exist that can make a good remodel. This also drives me nutz, i quit.

  5. wtf is that lame bullshit image included in this article. In addition to the previous images of numerous white-bread perforated bread boxes alluding to rolling hills of wheat. one long bread box here and then jutt out some extra bread boxes here here and here.. Terrible.

  6. look at that nice black man hugging his toddler, that will sell it.

  7. 9:03, babydaddy's whispering: "Remember, boy, don't say anything to mama about dad helped the lady across the street look for her lost kitty every night while mama was gone."


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