Teen Murder Charges After Blue Springs Lady Found Dead in Belize

Postscript on a car theft and tragic consequences for this lady retiring South of the Border. Read more:

3 charged with murder of local woman in Belize

PUNTA GORDA, Belize (AP/KCTV) - Authorities in Belize say three people have been arrested and charged with murder for the death of a retired Blue Springs woman. Police spokeswoman Hortence Hernandez said in a statement on Monday that 68-year-old Sherris Stringham's body was found near a river in Pomona, about 50 miles away from her residence in the coastal village of Hopkins.


  1. I got mugged in Mexico City once, but this is straight up cra cra.

  2. The killers want to be extradited to Jackson County so they can be weakly and unskillfully prosecuted by Jean Petersucker Baker.

  3. The teens were on vacation from killa city.

  4. Here's the thing, her death? Yes, tragic. Unexpected? Not really. Third world countries lack a developed governing bureaucracy for the management of society. The citizenry don't actively participate in civility; its a kill or be killed situation for the most part. You wouldn't get me to travel to any of those places, not necessarily out of xenophobia, but because I expect people to act in an predefined manner. It doesn't happen in a third world country, and likewise, in several areas around KCMO.


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