Mugshot Monday: Golden Ghetto Po-Po Want Conversation With This After Crash

JoCo alleged runaway report . . . Here's the word from JoCo today . . . UPDATE: He's Now In Custody.

Lenexa police searching for man accused of crashing stolen car, then running off


  1. Are all people with neck tattoos criminals ?

  2. They should be just for having a neck tattoo.

  3. Even in 2018 a neck tattoo is still one of the best indicaators that you are dealing with a human piece of shit.

  4. Chalk one up for the good guys. He was spotted and held at gunpoint by an armed citizen until the police came. Welcome to deep red JoCo.

  5. Chalk one up for the good guys certainly. Problem is, that's now a mandatory court appearance. If he gets an activist progressive judge, he's not screwed, but will def cost him some bucks in fines. The only thing I'd do if my gun had to come out is shoot to kill. Perp advancing with a knife, they stop and hands up at a gun, you'd better shoot bc law man will crack down on you for felony brandishing. Shoot but Don't kill and you'll get sued to bankruptcy. We need some major reform in carry law. Similar to good samaritan laws for rendering aid to injured people.

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