More Kansas City Cold Cases Confront Police Despite Better Homicide Clearance Rate

Authorities recently touted their progress in improving percentages of murders "cleared" from the books . . . Whilst the statistical observation is accurate . . . Overall the growing number of local shootings and homicides make it tough to tout crime fighting success.

Accordingly, check a recent, tragic story of a family waiting more than a year for justice without much sign of hope . . .

Despite high homicide clearance rate, police still need help with unsolved cases

Police in Kansas City, Missouri, are clearing homicide cases at a better rate than any year since 2013, but they need witnesses to help solve an unsolved caseload. The murder of Kendrick Anderson is one such murder, but family and investigators believe people have information about the case.


  1. 25 percent on death row are innocent . just the facts.

  2. ^^^Baloney. Prove it.

  3. $10,000 goes along way to getting people to talk. Next year it will have to go to $15000 before anyone will talk

  4. While a very, very few on death row might not be guilty of the specific crime that put them there, I suspect ALL of them have rap sheets longer than a roll of toilet paper, and in this one case their activities finally caught up with them, right or wrong. Sympathizers might shed their crocodile tears over the victims of their criminal history before conviction, guilty or not. "Gee judge, maybe, over the years, I did rob, steal, assault, rape and burglarize, but I dint kill nobody."

  5. With murders at around 100+ year after year, and the homicide clearance rate hovering around only 50%, there are many many unsolved homicides in KCMO.
    And there are many many multiple murderers still roaming the streets.
    A safe community is a foundation necessary for much of anything to be successful and pouring money into "projects" just throws it away in even the sort term.
    The taxpayer-funded grocery store on Linwood is just the latest example.
    It never changes.

  6. Ok. Thanks for that cutting edge social analysis. Just top shelf analysis. Now go to bed and take a nap, Matlock will be on and your tie-tie!

  7. Note to police: Stop trying to convince the black community that you can be trusted. Waste of time.

  8. Hey, the "Matlock Mumbler" strikes again!
    Keep t up @11:13. we all need another laugh, and you're almost neck and neck with Copro Boy as the biggest asswipe on TKC!

  9. There should be no higher priority than solving the black-on-white hate crimes of Jonathan Porter and Jeffery McDonald.

  10. I do not want to blame the victim, but the rap sheet on those who are murdered would make for some interesting reading.

  11. 11:13 is gopherkc or his shill boyfriend, take your pick


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