Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill 'Troubled' By #MeToo Sex Assault Allegations Against Prez Trump SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh

Background on this legislative roadblock that's gaining momentum nationwide . . .

Prez Trump: Who is Christine Blasey Ford, the professor who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct?

The local connection:

McCaskill Wants Kavanaugh Allegation Investigated Without 'Artificial Timeline'


  1. Translation - delay nominating a supreme court justice until after the election when the Dems have a majority and McCaskill won't have to make a decision that can be criticized.

  2. Brett's mom was a circuit judge that once foreclosed on the home of Christine's parents. Enough motive I think.

  3. Here's some facts CNN won't show...
    Ok, let's try this. His mom, a judge, foreclosed on her parents home years ago. Reason enough?


  4. In three words, why the accuser can be dismissed as a fruit-and-nut-cake: "California psychology professor."

  5. Seems the rusted-out-Chevy driving Claire shoulda had better research conducted on that Ford story.

    What's next? Brett "choomed" and was "down-low homo" in his youth? Oh, wait, that's acceptable to Barry's political pals.

  6. Was the accuser hot when she was in high school? Did she have nice tits? Did she get drunk and spread her legs every weekend, or just once in a while? Why are we not getting any relevant info?

  7. She was 15 drunk with four boys.... the judge says he wasn't even there. Not a train rider.

  8. Literally nobody thinks this is a credible accusation but they all stand in lock step and act like this is legitimate

  9. Love how the weirdo crowd has posted links to dubious websites as proof this lady has motive. Step out of you basement and into the sun every once in a while.


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