Meth Town Po-Po Push Back Against The Kansas City Star And Produce Photo Of Gun Contradicting Report Of Officer-Involved Shooting Man With Mobile Phone

Check today's social media contradiction against the paper of record . . . Read more:

Armed man shot by Independence police charged


  1. Dumb ass got what he deserved.

  2. So did the star, they’re just like the mayor and his gopher, they can’t anything right either

  3. The reason papers are not selling are situations like this. They build negative feeling as they continue to get important things wrong. Who would pay for that?
    Want to know who the writer of the fake editorial on Trump is that was in The NY Times?
    The money should go on: It was a montage of people and not one person. Don’t be surprised that it was the times board themselves who sewed together several opinions of alleged witnesses... a la Jason Blair.
    Karma is a bitch.

  4. The Star has decided on its own narrative about interactions between the police and the black community and it starts with the notion that people like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin are heroes and goes on from there.
    Victimization, racism, police brutality, profiling, and endless grievances against the police.
    Never a mention of behavior, personal responsibility, or respect for some degree of law and order by members of "the community".
    Once you have those predetermined glasses on, EVERY incident is the same.
    The Star is actually the enemy of the good people who live in distressed neighborhoods and want nothing more than to try to live and raise their families in some degree of safety. They really are not interested in being a part of some social experiment that the suburbanites on the Star editorial board want them to be.
    Good advice to the Star gang would be "write what you know something about".

  5. So is the lying “eyewitness” being charged with something? Slander, impeding an investigation, obstruction of justice, pants on fire?

    Hope he doesn’t live in Independence. Life may be difficult for him for a while.

  6. The Star is toast and has no creditably.


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