Meth Town Council Travel Budget Debate

It's not sexy, it's not at the top of the agenda but this COMMUNITY NEWS REPORTING on the travel budget of a Meth Town Council dude is proof that local journalism is not only alive & well but willing to offer a fair deep dive into issues regarding local government.

Credit to the Examiner to providing both sides of the debate and keeping the story alive. Take a look:

Council member defends travel costs

Independence City Council Member Tom Van Camp maintains that his travel costs for the city over the past three years - which records show total about $20,400, drawing some public scrutiny - have been clean and legitimate.City records show Van Camp traveled 10 times during the past three years, all but one time to an energy or power conference or Missouri Municipal League event.


  1. Mayor Boom Boom still faces questions about Sanders' connection?

  2. Anything that comes from Independence is complete garbage.

  3. Van Camp the bean head back in the news !!!

  4. Van Camp must have taken lessons from McAsskill.


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