Meth Town Council Dude Answers To No Man

East side political drama, accountability and transparency . . . Or lack thereof . . .

Room upgrades, rental cars, valet parking cost Independence taxpayers thousands

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Room upgrades, valet parking and rental cars for an Independence city councilman have cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. The expenses are all tied to trips taken by Tom Van Camp, councilman for District 4.


  1. Van Camp, what a bean head.

  2. Look at him -"Pork and..."

  3. Sounds like exactly the kind of job a smart mfer would want to get and keep!

  4. Talk about a non-scandal!

    1. Conferences often involve connecting with members from other cities-- picking their brains, getting a feel for the technicalities and politics of a different city' efforts. Sometimes an additional day or two can be very helpful -- and even sometimes dictated by airline scheduled.

    2. Rental cars and valet parking are often CHEAPER than airport shuttles and cabs. Also, Van Camp is in his 70's so he can't just hop a Bird scooter.

    3. Do they not teach IRONY at journalism school? Asking a councilmember (FROM A CITY THAT RUNS IT OWN MUNICIPAL POWER PLANT) what he could possible have gotten out of going to POWER SEMINARS -- while standing in front of the new SOLAR POWER FACILITY? In a city so conservative that it refuses to add FLOURIDE to its water supply? DUH! You are standing in front of what that $20,000 bought, fool!


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