Local Republican Discord: Kansas City Metro Loves McCain More Than Prez Trump?!?!

TV news follow-up on a political passing this week and a social media tribute to the former Senator that adorns this JoCo pathway this week . . . Take a look:

Remembering Sen. John McCain in the metro


  1. Not true at all, McCain was a traitor

  2. ^^^ dream on chump, you have 6 more years of the greatest president ever, you lost, we won, we are changing things for the better, your kind nearly killed us but don’t worry, we’re here and saving the day!

    1. You won nothing. You are not changing anything except your diaper. Not saving anything except coupons because you can’t afford groceries for the week. Rest assured your precious Russian-puppet President wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Repubtards hate peoples like you. Don’t forget that!

  3. 8:11 is byron.

  4. Wetstart McStain, stop dragging his dead ass around and plant him.

  5. So on Thursday your "Glorious Leader" says the "National Emergency" we are experiencing, the Economy being in terrible shape and the Deficit being out of control, gives him the power to cancel the 1.9%pay raise that Congress voted for all Federal Workers (the only one since "Glorious" took office).

    But back in 2017, when he signed the "Tax Cut", he said that the Trillion Dollar increase it would cause in the Deficit didn't matter.

    And yesterday, at the latest round of "Reverend Donny's Traveling Revival and Tent Show", he claimed that the US Economy is "in the best shape it's ever been in in History!"

    "Lucy, 'splain this thing to me" - is the Economy so bad that we are suffering a National Emergency, or is it the best it's been since 1776?

    Or is there some chain of reasoning within his "genius brain" so subtle as to be incomprehensible to normal human beings?

    Because it's starting to look like the "Raving Man-Child" is losing his grip!

  6. Under Obama, the national debt (not deficit) went from $9 trillion to $20 trillion in eight years. If Trump can hold that to a mere trillion a year, we're coming out ahead.

    The people who are bellyaching the loudest about the possible $1 trillion > deficit were oddly silent when Obama was running up even bigger bills. Were they all asleep, or do their standards change depending on who's in office?

    1. Hold on 11:05. You probably confused some of the dimmer bulbs in here that don't know the difference between the national debt and the national deficit. Fot those sleepy heads, here's the low down...

      In simple terms, a budget deficit is the difference between what the federal government spends (called outlays) and what it takes in (called revenue or receipts).

      The national debt, also known as the public debt, is the result of the federal government borrowing money to cover years and years of budget deficits.

  7. No, Trump isn't "holding that to a mere trillion a year", the Tax Cut Trillion is IN ADDITION to the present rate of growth!

    And can you post your sources? Because the US Treasury numbers differ SLIGHTLT from your statement, showing a DECREASE in the National Debt during the eight yea Obama Administration.

    1. Post your sources while your at it buster.

  8. US Treasury, as I said originally, Bub!


  9. McCain planned his own, dragged-out, 5 day long over the top funeral ..at taxpayer expense.
    scamming for personal glory to the very end

  10. 11:31: here you go hotshot, straight from treasury.gov. Took me about 5 minutes. You ought to try it yourself sometime. Just in case you ever want to confirm a fact is true before asserting that it is.


  11. Of course everybody in KC loves McCain more! Everybody with an IQ above 50 hates Trump! Unfortunately for the majority of TKC readers, you don’t make that cut.

  12. @2:22, www.usgovernmentspending.com/federal_deficit_chart.html

    Note that the Treasury estimates that the $665 Billion Deficit for Fiscal 2017 will increase to $833Billion (a 25% increase) in the first year after the so-called "Tax Cut".

    Also note that the deficit steadily declined in each year of the Obama Administration until the Defense Spending increases in FY 2016 impacted it. Prior to that year, the Deficit had been reduced by almost a Trillion Dollars, from $1,413B to $438B.

    Oh, and quit trying to conflate Debt and Deficits.
    Debt is current borrowing (T-Bond sales, Savings Bonds, etc.),
    Deficits are spending more that you have both received and borrowed.
    An increase in "Debt" reflects more Buyer confidence in the Economy, and more willingness to buy its Debt Instruments. (Econ 101)

  13. You flunked Econ 101. Confidence in repayment of a debt instrument is indicated by its rate of return. The higher the confidence, the lower the rate. The US dollar so far has been a good place for other countries to park their money. The higher the debt, the less confidence that the instrument will pay according to its terms without degradation of the value. Internal debt does not reflect confidence in the economy because the agencies who are issued the debt have no choice in the matter.

  14. Sounds more like "Breitbart 101". The higher borrowing was required to boost economic recovery after the 2008 Crash, and there was never a problem selling off a Debt Issue during those years.

    Once again you are conflating Debt with Deficits, and crying "Wolf".
    Consumer confidence in Federal Instruments was the spur after the so-called "Debt Instruments" that Banks and Brokers created brought on the Crash. There was simply no place else to put your money other than Fed Debt, and the crash had injured the tax base so badly tat the Debt Load had to carry the Recovery.

    I may have flunked "Breitbart 101", but I retired comfortably after four decades in the Financial Industry, and what's more important, I shepherded Client's money through those years too!

    Economics 101 says that Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 all had Economic Recessions and high Inflation during their Administrations, and the Intervening Democratic Administrations all had Recovery.

    And High Debt!

  15. 11:05 is the idiot that in that past couldn't figure out the difference between billion and trillion.

    He is a true moron. He doesn't understand fiscal years either. He adds Bush's spending into Obama debt.

    The trillion dollar annual deficits starting in 2008 (Bush) was because of the financial crises that killed tax revenues. The bank bailout was nearly $1 trillion on Bush. Obama has the $787 billion of new spending in the stimulus, but as the economy recovered and revenues rose again, annual deficits came down again.

    Trump is back to projected $1 trillion deficits when the economy is growing, which shows exactly how badly he has fucked the budget. It's Brownback's plan going national.

    This was never about democrats complaining about the debt. That's not their priority. It's the RepubliCons that screamed about it. I guess that only applies to when a black man was in charge of the spending.


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