KCP&L Rate Hike Petition Grounded

Today's lesson reminds us that online activism might not be as powerful as some of us believe . . .

Northeast News: KCP&L Hype

Money line:

"There’s been a lot of talk recently about the rate hike Kansas City Power and Light is foisting on its users. Some bills have more than doubled, causing customers to re-think that extra dinner out in favor of keeping the lights on. The budget billing at this news-dog’s house went up over $100 per month, thank you very much, and we’re probably on the lower end of the increase scale.

"The hefty rate hike has also jump-started a petition aimed at the state regulatory officers demanding answers. That change.org petition has over 65,000 signatures to date, but is being called “invalid” by one local Public Service Commission member."

You decide . . .


  1. Kansas City Plunder and Loot

  2. Eat the rich.

  3. Liberal Democrats will complain about fossil fuels, which we get most I’d our power from. They will impose all sorts of regulations on power companies like Obama did and will promote ‘green energy’ all the while trying to get rid of coal fire plants like KCP&L. They then proceed to to complain when their power bill goes up. Democrats are a stupid bunch.

    1. 7:26 If Obama regulations are to blame, then why, two years into the Trump administration's deregulation did my rates go on a fucking moon shot? Seems to me that deregulation leads to all sorts of fuckery. Remember Enron, you stooge?

  4. Bend over and take it!

    Savings and profits for our shareholders only, Ha Ha.

  5. Because internet petitions, when there is a legally established process to follow, are useless.


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