Kansas Voter Question: Sharice Davids Flips ICE Debate On Congressman Yoder With FEMA Disaster Relief Shame?!?!

OR . . . Does the 3rd District hate Mexicans more than hurricanes??? Here's a political conversation on the topic of priorities that flatland voters are TRICKED INTO DISCUSSING RATHER THAN HEALTHCARE AND JOBS.


Rep. Kevin Yoder signed off on transfer of funds from FEMA to ICE

Johnson County, Kansas Congressman and Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Yoder approved taking almost $10 million out of the Federal Emergency Management Association, FEMA, and transferring it to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE. Yoder chairs the subcommittee that handles the Homeland Security Department budget. FEMA is part of Homeland Security. So is ICE.


  1. Maybe if the democrats would stop harboring illegals that cost us all money not to mention the ones in jail that we have to feed and provide legal help, they wouldn't have had to transfer the money!

    But lets wait and see how the hurricane is handled...will Trump help or will he do what Obama did with Florida and just ignore them. My bet is , Trump will help.

  2. ^^^...and based on Hurricane Maria, my bet is he will golf, lie about the dead, claim nobody has ever seen anything like that, and show up and throw a bunch of paper towels.

  3. ^^^^^^^Hello Stupid, I see you're still clueless again today same as yesterday.

  4. 10:15 a.m. What will Trump do? Throw paper towels at the survivors?

  5. Hello? Puerto Rico here! Anybody? Hello? The only people coming down here to help are vulture capitalists picking up cheap property cause the locals can’t pay their property taxes on account the hurricane destroyed the local economy. Does anyone have paper towels?

  6. @10:40-and I see you're still sucking Trump's dick.

    1. BathHouse buttboi 12:45 projecting his fave obsession of fag fellatio. Sad. Missing that eight years of knobgobbling Barry habit, huh?

  7. It is normal in a budgeting process that funds are reallocated to other projects. The reallocation was due to enforcement against the Guatemalan immigrants deemed necessary for national security. Now the hurricane comes and funds will be reallocated from another project to cover the damage from the hurricane. Eventually congress will add funds to the budget to cover the shortfall.

  8. Actually, Yoder was responsible for all $200 million that was transferred to ICE from other agencies, including FEMA and the U.S. Coast Guard ($29 million) to spend on putting children in cages and trying (and succeeding) in dehumanizing other human beings.

  9. 10:15 if there were no illegals in jail, we'd throw your kids in jail. Jail is a business. The more bodies in, the more $ they make.


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