Kansas State Of Emergency Declared

The latest GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS with similar weather threatening the greater KC area. Read more:

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer declares state of emergency

MANHATTAN, KS (AP) - Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has issued a state of emergency declaration for five Kansas counties hit by flooding during the Labor Day weekend. Jewell, Kingman, Marshall, Pratt and Riley counties are named in Tuesday's declaration. The governor's office said in a news release that the declaration could be expanded as damage assessments are conducted.


  1. Why does this TKC article lead the reader to believe this is due to climate change --- "The latest GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS...."? There is nothing in the KCTV 5 article referring to climate change.

  2. This is bad because if they don't mention Global Climate Change then Al Gore won't get his due and we just can't have that!!!!! Who are these people???

  3. But, Donald Trump said that Global Climate Change was a Chinese Hoax, which is how we know that it's not a Chinese Hoax.

    Of course, it's due to Global Climate Change.

    Get your head out of your ass.

  4. This is the first time it has flooded in Kansas......right. Trump was wrong it's not a Chinese hoax, it's a liberal hoax. Been flooding long before internal combustion engines. Kool aid drinkers.....

  5. ^^"500 year flood"

  6. Poor Kansas - drought, floods, earthquakes, bankruptcy, Kobach!
    God's Judgement can be a bitch, eh?

  7. ^^^ Not as bad as His judgement with Claire on Missouri.

  8. That's the problem with democracy. You get the assholes you deserve.

  9. Kobach declares it a immigration issue.


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