Kansas City Youngster Hit By Car Today: Will Bike/Walk Activists Exploit Tragedy?!?!

More fodder for the ongoing war against cars as activists tout increasing peril for pedestrians and increasingly use every traffic accidents as part of their agenda to strip away streets in the name of "access" while discounting the responsibly of people (and youngsters) who walk out into the middle of the street . . . No matter which side of the issue, today's story is a good opportunity to remind people to remain vigilant about traffic safety in light of so many recent accidents.


Here's the aftermath:

Child taken to hospital after being struck by car near park on Saturday

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A child was injured on Saturday after being struck by a vehicle. The incident happened around 1 p.m. in the area of NW 56th Terrace and NW Waukomis Drive in the afternoon, which is near Line Creek. It happened after the child went into the road.


  1. Was the guardian on their f__king phone ?

  2. Like all KC drivers, it was the motorist who was more likely on their f***ing phone than the parent.

  3. In excess of 89% of accidents are due to distractions... phones, eating, minds wondering etc.

    A new device is being developed that will let police read the minds of those involved in accidents.

    The first few tests were highly successful- most males had Hollywood startlets bent over...


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