Kansas City Traffic Safety Question

Using the Socratic method or the snarky cowtown version thereof . . . A denizen of our blog community offers this brief interrogatory:

"Is this the real reason the city Council delayed their panhandling vote?"

You decide . . .


  1. You can't tell this group they can and that group they can't. Both will do and act the exact same at an intersection while both claiming it's a fundraiser. I say if you want to get rid of one you have to get rid of it all. As for the fireman I think everyone knows where a fire station is and you could drive by there and make a donation for an event only a totally brain dead person wouldn't know goes on this same time every year. Boot blocks while good for the money they collect are also a semi act of highway robbery where a person is felt forced to hand over money when a fireman walks up to your window sticking a boot out knowing they can shame you to making a donation. Oh I am sure the firefighters will hate me for saying that but wonder how they would feel if they had to be forced into a donations by groups who would hit heavily traveled areas they had to drive down to get to work shopping and so forth using the same tactics?

    The best way to handle any and all panhandling if you hate it is to not give out anything to everyone and then they will stop doing it.

    As for those trying to sale you newspapers and candy do the same, don't buy the stuff and they will again stop doing it. As long as people support this kind of cash collecting people are going to keep doing it. If you're in the city of Olathe you can panhandle outside of any commercial place and if even told to leave you can stay because the Olathe PD will not respond to such calls and you can ask local store owners about that.

    But most of the panhandling I see does not even fall under what Kansas City codes would be able to enforce and so in trying to stop those wanting to panhandle will just make them move to a different location and keep doing it.

  2. +1, SuperDave!
    I made the comment the moment Tony posted the original piece. I also mentioned the Centurions from the Chamber hawking the Kansas City STAR from intersections all over town on opening day of the Royals.

    The panhandling ordinance is a legal nightmare. An ACLU bonanza. Good for the goose, take a gander at the KC STAR on opeining day.

    SuperDave is right. Stop reinforcing dangerous behavior. Stop handing cash out your car window to ANYONE, and they will stop asking.

  3. Go at it from the other direction, pass an ordinance that makes it illegal to donate to anyone, individual or Organizational outside of their place of business.

    If the claim is made that "this is those people's place of business", require them to get and display a Business License, and file Tax Returns.


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