Kansas City Taylor Swift Ripoff Report

A tough lesson learned and a reminder that it was probably money wasted either way. Read more:

Woman loses $375 after trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets on Craigslist

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- One mother wanted to surprise her 12-year-old daughter with tickets to see her favorite singer for her birthday, but there are no tickets and they're out hundreds of dollars after a fake purchase on the internet. It would have been the girl's first concert.


  1. That sucks, but maybe Taylor will hear about it. If she does, I bet she puts the girl and her family on the front row.

  2. Good pointand from a PR stand point its a win-win.

  3. People are dumb. As evidenced by the continued usage of Craigslist.

  4. Another brainless idiot plus I am sure her daughter now knows what a loser her mom is. Sure all her friends will have fun teasing her over this. Mom should have kept her big fat mouth shut.

    1. Yeah, a mom trying to do something nice for her kid on her birthday; sounds like someone who should really be bashed. Who pissed in your Cheerios today?

  5. Isn't Taylor Swift the singer with those skinny twigs for legs?

  6. Hope she blows the dad.

  7. I am dubious of this claim. tickets were going from 25 dollars for nosebleed to 100 for floor yesterday midday before the show.

  8. 7:33 if it was your mom you would be pissed at her for being so stupid.


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