Kansas City Taylor Swift 'Reputation' Arrowhead Concert Review

A quick round-up for local adults as this Kansas city tween audio extravaganza might have been the highlight of the year for the local lady NEXTGEN.

Quick hits of last night's Taylor Swift concert  . . .

- Like so many big name stars, Taylor Swift mistakenly believed she was in Kansas as she greeted her fans in the KCMO stadium.

- Seating was at capacity and more than 50K fans were crammed into the SOLD OUT Arrowhead show. Probably more than most late season Chiefs games.

- Ms. Swift complained of technical difficulties because of the week of rain that preceded the event.

- I've actually been forced to listen to this one but Taylor Swift surprised fans with a rare performance of "The Story Of Us" - One of her most popular b-sides.

- TKC Exclusive - Daughters from around the metro were forced to repeatedly tell their moms to stop singing.

More in a bit . . .


  1. 1st world problems?

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yep!

  3. “Forced to listen”? Whatever Tony. I bet you’re a big time closet Swifty. ;)

  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL! Nicely done.

  5. But what about the important issue -
    did the Mom who "lost all that money trying to but tickets off Craigslist" get free tickets?

    And did she take her daughter?

    And does ANYONE really still use Craigslist?

  6. I heard a uber driver ask where he can get free Taylor Swif Downloads because Taylor is not on Spotiy?

  7. Was the parking lot full of people cooking and drink and listening to show, like Chiefs game ?


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