Kansas City Star Shills For Sharice

Editorial attempt to misdirect probably isn't worth the paper its printed on but still offers a nice look at daily dead-tree media attempting to play opinion-maker . . . Read more:

Yoder's immigration shift makes Sharice Davids' ICE flub moot | The Kansas City Star

The furious debate about whether Sharice Davids, the Democrat challenging Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder, does or does not want to abolish ICE - and fyi, she doesn't - just had the air let out of its tires by Yoder's own latest immigration transformation.


  1. Say what you want KC Star but we all heard what she said if we wanted to hear it with our own ears so if she says now it isn't so it means she isn't capable of public speaking which makes her questionable as a lawmaker. Add to the fact she has basically made every effort to hide from any public appearances to address the issue. Using her own campaign photos as a reference,"She got knocked the fuck out again."

  2. The Star endorsed her in the first place because she best bet all of their affirmative action and identity politics priorities.
    As long as a person self-identifies as a member of some aggrieved and victimized group, folks like the editorial board really don't care what the person's policy proposals or qualifications are.
    Diversity is the goal.
    Nothing else really matters.
    Davids will lose by double digits and every editorial trying to save her will just make the Star look more irrelevant than it already is.
    When you're in a hole, stop digging.

  3. +1 Like, like true that.

  4. Yoder is a bigger idiot. He has cleansed himself in the Sea of Galilee. He is next to God!!!!

  5. Sharice will lose by 20 points because she is very stupid. The Star will lose by a lot more because they are even more stupid than Sharice.

  6. what's the star?

  7. She should have Done A Josh and not speak until the polling came in. You have to tell the people what they want to hear. And then go to Washington and do the opposite Like BERRY .YOU DON'T tell law abiding citizens,YOU are going to do away with a law inforcement,agency .

  8. Well, if she uses 'like' all the time, that's definitely a big turn-off....but why do I get the feeling the commenter who brought this up voted for Trump, speaking of awful vocabularies? How many words does he know - maybe 20? As for concepts, he's incapable of forming any...

  9. Contortionist Yoder strikes again, taking every position.

    Amnesty Yoder has to flip flop again to join the cult of Trump to cheer immigration bashing, but will also talk about feeling really bad about not issuing more work visas, green cards, and separating families at the border. Gee, this broken system... what will we ever do... I'm don't have any real power in the majority... tisk tisk.

  10. yoder is a lifer.

    kelly or orman have a chance to win, especially if one drops out.


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