Kansas City Star Seyz Kansas Abuelita Kelly Has 'Crossover' Appeal???

We could call this news or opinion . . . But it's really just a pipe dream and pretty much a commercial for the granny who is struggling to gain traction among Kansas voters.

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Kobach, Orman can't match Laura Kelly's bipartisan support | The Kansas City Star

The parade of names began last month with the news that state Sen. Barbara Bollier, a moderate Republican from Mission Hills, was endorsing Democrat Laura Kelly for governor. Then on Sept. 4 came the announcement that former two-term Kansas Gov. Bill Graves, a Republican, was backing Kelly.


  1. If 'bipartisan' means a bunch of Democrats who have been posing as Republicans for years because they knew they'd never get elected with a D behind their name...

  2. You mean the "Sane Wing" of the Republican Party?
    You know, the ones without the tinfoil hats?

  3. why wouldn't the kobach haters at least endorse orman, the moderate, dynamic businessman?

    maybe because he could win and they know kelly won't.

    it's not really genuine courage then.

  4. I'm voting for her because I bet she makes good cookies, just like my grandma.


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