Kansas City Residents Tragically Realize Westport Security Is A (Bad) Joke

It would be funny if there weren't lives at stake . . . Remember our AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY was the first to call out the issue and now it's news chatter this week . . .

Take a listen:

41 Files: Don't bring your kayak paddle to Westport! Plus, is Greg Orman finding enough independents

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From Bear Bangers, to cast iron cookware, Geiger counters to bowling pins, the list of prohibited items on Friday and Saturday nights in Westport is strange. In this week's episode of 41 Files, 41 Action News Today anchors Lindsay Shively and Taylor Hemness are joined by reporter Nick Starling to talk about Westport's "enhanced" security.


  1. funny they have to make rules for the stuff the idiots that go there bring to Westport. What’s wrong with the youth today?

  2. Orman is a great candidate. But he needs a positive platform!!!!!


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