Kansas City Public Radio Lovingly Documents The Agony Of An Articulate White Woman Forced To Suffer The Indignity Of Poverty Like The Rest Of The Planet

Sunday content funded by viewers like you tries (and fails) to depict the unbearable struggle of a gringa living below her station . . . Read more or maybe just try and be nicer to all of the box store clerks in the suburbs who endure the same demographic difficulties BUT never enjoyed the luxury or opportunity to pursue an English lit degree:

She Thought Her Family Was Middle Class, Not Broke In The Richest Country On Earth

Sarah Smarsh grew up in rural Kansas - the fifth generation to farm the same land, riding tractors where her ancestors rode wagons. There was never enough money and prospects were few. She was part of the what has become popularized as the white working class. But back then, she didn't know it.


  1. Most of the former U.S. manufacturing jobs went to China.

  2. Simon Of Trent9/16/18, 6:17 PM

    More about Smarsh and her book of complaints ? Much Ado.

  3. Whats the middle class?

  4. She lived among family and friends who constantly vote to fuck themselves, all because of the magic R behind politicians names. Those same politicians just have those same farmers $12 billion more in welfare, I mean subsidies, on top of the welfare, I mean subsidies they already get. All because the clown they voted for put tariffs in place to damage their livelihood. Those idiots would vote for the orange clown again tomorrow and I'm sure will vote for Kobach. Maybe they can eat their guns if they get hungry.

  5. Elect a Clown,
    Expect a Circus!


    Where's that "White Privilege" when you need it?

  7. Your assessment is spot-on, Tony.


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