Kansas City Musicians Hate Westport?!?!

To be fair, local musicians actually have a litany of complaints against his party district and this is just one of many . . .

Fox4: Westport security rules cause concern, confusion for performers

Deets according to Jeff Sisson:

"Common sense... some Westport performers say that's missing from the district's new security measures. They say depending on the time it may let a performer in, but keep their instruments out, or it could keep their instruments in without a way to get out."

Also, talk of a "Westport ID" is scary and reveals that the next step in the local security crackdown.

Developing . . .


  1. Well, I don’t know exactly what the new rules are down there. All I know is Westport is where you get shot after dark or get a gun pulled on you for money. Antifa freaks like it down there too. People with hepatitis and AIDS.

    Yeah yeah I get it....it’s soooo cultural and hip like the hipsters that hang out there. Anyway my point is the whole reason these rules are going into effect are obvious. It’s the same common denominator as the rest of KCMO.

  2. How about just keep the negroes out? They are the problem.

  3. KC's jazz organ Meister Greg Mize once told me there's only two bad weeks in a musician's year. Christmas week and a week in Kansas City.

  4. Westport security probably listening to rape rap so no sympathy to legit musicians.

  5. Westport. Another place no geezer on this blog has ever been.

  6. I’ve noticed over the years some comics who have come to KC to perform and made jokes about it in other places.

  7. 8:35 a.m. - Your comment is such a laugh. Like you and your pals discovered the Westport area. It was around long before you got out of diapers, and it was fairly safe without a whole lot of shootings and robberies. Get over yourself youngster. Geezers invented cool places that you punks think you own.

  8. Westport will always be a sewer as long as Bill Nigro runs the place.


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