Kansas City 'Junket Jermaine' Argues For Extravagant City Council Travel Budget

An old photo and desperate plea from this politico who is desperately searching for a landing spot after 8 years spend alienating everyone in his community and pretty much everyone he has made contact with . . . Read more:

Traveling gives City Council ability to bring deals to KC | The Kansas City Star

Traveling affords members of the City Council the ability to advocate on behalf of the citizens that we represent. We have to be the voice. If you do not have a seat at the table, you might be on the menu.


  1. Stay home and take a pot hole tour, or get a tan next to water main leak, dumb ass government nipple abusers.

  2. He's close to landing a job at the Kansas City Zoo as a "gopher"!!

  3. The benefit to the city of this guys traveling is Zero. Don't believe for a minute there is any economic benefit to the City from this travel investment. The travel is only a benefit to Reed and his ability to vacation off of City funding. Reed is a disaster and should be nowhere near the City Council.

  4. Maybe Reed can work with Ronnie Burt as an outside consultant to get more tourism business in KCMO.

  5. Just ask yourself.
    If you had to make a decision about selecting someone to represent your business or organization to the outside world, is Reed the person you'd choose?
    Even out of the mayor and other 12 people on the KCMO city council?
    Not exactly putting the community's best foot forward.
    When you're in a hole, stop digging.

  6. Definitely an old photo... he’s more of a porker now. Lol The Star and their biased opinion writing. No truth or facts of any kind... all opinion passed off as reporting. Throw the whole damn paper in the trash.

  7. Jermaine has had so many opportunities pass his way but hes chosen to box-in his people and pander to them. He starts his mayoral campaign with a video about how bad Trump is. Now look at all of Trumps successes. Jermaine uses his own people and has offended everyone he’s ever met. Jermaine is a dipshit.

  8. Has Junket Jermaine’s travel been audited? Did he really have true city business in every city he conveniently traveled to and expenses the city? 2-days early before a conference or perhaps 3-days afterward to play and socialize. Why is the city paying for all this time ahead of and after a trip???!!!

  9. These expenses should be audited and if there is no ROI then Reed should be escorted to the door. Going to Las Vegas to discuss how KC can promote the Jazz Museum is a worthless venture which the City should be no part of.
    This is the mastery of the 18th and Vine investment. Certain City Council members can now travel on the City dime to discuss this venture.
    Next will be for Reed to travel to meet with other Urban city members to discuss security at the City funded Grocery store...

  10. Is Ronnie Burt coming back to the City as a consultant??? Mr Reed? Mr Burt is on the phone...


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