Kansas City Highway Of Death Backstory

A Conservative blogger takes on the sordid history behind one of the most deadly and dysfunctional streets in KCMO.

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Book Could Be Written About Death of Wheelchair Pedestrian on 71-Highway - The Sentinel

The Fox4KC headline only hints at a larger story, "Truck strikes, kills 55-year-old KC woman attempting to cross 71-Highway in wheelchair." For the reader, the first clue is "71-Highway." Few good things happen on this urban stretch of divided highway that cynics have labeled "Felony Freeway."


  1. Felony freeway? Nobody calls it that.

    We call it the Ebony Expressway, the KC Chimppike, the Jigaboo Byway, Coon Cutoff, etc.

    1. That's really cute Mr.Short Dick

  2. Make it interstate 49 through the city and build a few walkways over or under if! The city never should have succumbed to the pressure from special interests! Some politician was afraid of losing some black voters. Well you are still losing black voters!

  3. After reading that and thinking about all the times I’ve been on that highway....it really is messed up. Crazy drivers too I always felt like I was going to get hit by someone.

  4. Yeah, there wasn't much of a story at the other end of the link. That portion of the highway, like many other KC boondoggles, was simply playing politics. It would have been far better to have simply built the highway as it had been initially designed, with controlled traffic. Instead, the bizarre thought that that would somehow alienate black people living in the neighborhood (though somehow NOT white people in the neighborhood) gave us that disaster. Think about the commuting ease if you could simply drive into the City from highway to highway, not seeing a stop light until you exited the system. But no, our politicians DEMANDED street-level access and traffic lights creating one of the most unnecessary backups in the City.

  5. Wheel chair lanes next to the bicycle lanes with scooter lanes in between and the felony freeway reduced to one lane to "calm" traffic; all financed by another sales tax. Problem solved.

  6. Lights need to be required on wheel chairs as well as slow moving vehicle signs.

  7. ^^^^ and tags, insurance and helmets.

  8. That's the watermelon highway....

  9. Freeze Nigger , drop that chicken. Really, Cleaver fucked this up years ago. Time to put some walkways over the road.


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