Kansas City Flood Threat Weekend?!?!

Here's what's great about KCMO MSM . . . They can report two different stories and follow-up on whatever one turns out right.

Remember a couple of days ago, when our blog community first raised the issue . . . The flood threat was downplayed.

Now, there's just a tiny hint that "the viewing" area might at least want to consider higher ground.

KMBC: EMS crews preparing for possibility of flash flooding with more rain on the way

To be fair, in the midst of global climate change politics . . . Forecasts change faster nowadays and neither local newsies nor angry blog comments have been known for their accuracy in any endeavor.

Developing . . .


  1. I predict that if it rains for more than half a day. Most midtown streets will be underwater. Fortunately, they will not be missed.


  2. Hopefully the rain will wash debris into the potholes and the streets will be not be so rough on vehicles.

  3. ^^^^^^^

    Funny, Maybe we will see Mayor James swimming naked with the rest of the rats.

  4. Oh no! Stay in! Don't go out! Its too dangerous out there! Flooding everywhere! People are dying! The damage is tremendous! My God! Why have you deserted us?

  5. ^^^ Lame and tired shtick.

  6. ^^Yes, these complaining posts every single day about every single thing are lame and tired shtick. Glad you noticed.

  7. Los Angeles is being invaded by CHEFS FANS SUNNY AND EIGHTY-FIVE .FILM AT ELEVEN .

  8. Oh see you at the in,and out burger on sunset.


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