Kansas City Electric Scooters Are Racist???

More deets on the digital divide and the latest and allegedly divisive toy transit trend . . .

Is there a racial divide with KC's new mode of transportation?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists will increasingly have to share the road and sidewalk with 250 more scooters in Kansas City as the city's latest scooter company, Lime, sets up to battle Bird. The basketball court on 18th and Highland has seen a lot of change.


  1. It’s not racist if they’re protecting their business and property from people who will tear them up and scrap them for metal. It’s a proven fact you can’t do anything good for the majority of the hood without theft and destruction far behind. Just because a handful of decent people can’t get what they want because their neighborhood has been proven bad does not make it racist. Sorry dude, you live in a crappy neighborhood, and really it’s nobodys fault but your own. Harsh, but true.

    And before Bryan Stadler gets on here with his spiel about white privelage, this has nothing to do with it, sorry Stadler

  2. Of course they are not going to drop them in East KC.

  3. They aren’t racist , the scooters are gay as fuck.

  4. Security Guard Cameron Wright9/11/18, 8:33 PM

    The Truth Is Racist. Negros degrade and destroy everything they come in contact with.


  5. Not our problem let Sly deal with the problems of putting these things in bad areas, if Sly wants scooters east of Troost and South let him take the open space money and buy his own.

  6. 8:24 now that’s some funny shit right there!!!

  7. Louie Wright9/11/18, 9:19 PM

    Nah, it’s just one more mode of transportation which will fail to roll tony Botello’s fat ass out of his mom’s basement and take him to a real job

    1. Hope some partying firepeeps won't doze off suddenly in the middle of the street on those scooters. Oh, wait, that only happens when little kids are sitting ducks on the interstate while their drugged daddy snoozes.

  8. So everyone wears the same funky helment. No thanks!

  9. No self respecting hood rat gonna be seen on a scooter. And no sane person is going to drive around in the hood and collect them to be recharged. Problem solved.

  10. What's the weight limit on them scooters? That could eliminate half of KCs fat ass population.

  11. Did the shooting at the taxpayer subsidized grocery store not prove a point many on here make?


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