Kansas City Blogging New National Anthem

Along with a consideration "America The Beautiful" this town's top faith writer argues . . .

"I think it's time to put these two songs in a museum with proper interpretive material the way we should be Confederate Civil War monuments in museums and get them out of our public parks."

Read the whole and tell us what you think of his idea or a new American song . . .

Time for a new national anthem: 9-14-18

On this date in 1814, Francis Scott Key penned the words to a poem he called "The Star-Spangled Banner." More than 100 years later, in 1931, America made the mistake of making it our national anthem. (You can read a...


  1. What's with the insanity to change everything related to the history of this country? Maybe we should change the name of our country to, Home of the Butthurt Pussys

  2. The 1st amendment only guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.
    None of the Founders could have imagined a day when the mere mention of God or Christian theology was considered offensive.
    Besides, changing the national anthem will never be enough for the radical left, until it is changed to The Internationale.

  3. Personally, I vote for the Macarena.
    Sure would be fun to watch Trump dancing to it at every one of "Brother Donnie's Traveling Rally, Revival and Tent Show" performances.

  4. For the first time, and likely the last, I agree with Tammeus. The Star Spangled Banner is virtually unsingable by anyone who is not trained in opera. Its melody was taken from a British drinking song. Its words were written during a war we should not have been in and which we basically lost (although the battle for Baltimore was a truly gallant moment).

    My candidate for a substitute would be Irving Berlin's classic: [Insert name of favorite deity here] bless America! But America The Beautiful would work too.

  5. Of those two, "America The Beautiful", but it'll never happen.
    JFK tried to name ATB to an equal status in 1962, and was accused by the GOP of being a "communist".

    Today the Republicans are in charge of it all, so there's no way a new Anthem could be named.

  6. this guy has a chip on his shoulder.

    not consistent with his professed religion.

    why doesn't he do something positive? something concrete.

  7. Bill hates America, Catholics and Israel. But he does not even have that BALLS to call out the Muslims, even though they killed his nephew. He is a COWARD. No wonder his wife cheated on him.

  8. Billy, if you're wanting to purge "undesirable" statues from the parks and public squares, shouldn't you be shouting for the removal of the statues and such from public view of those saints who did some horrible sinning? Saints Peter, Paul, and Augustine are only three of a long list of former serious sinners.

    You don't want the current national anthem to stay, but you quote the words of the "Christain" sinners.

    So,all of those who are honored on Confederate monuments have as much right to remain in public memorials as the names of our other military members from other wars and conflicts are listed on the granite walls and halls in our nation.

  9. This is classic move used by the Nazi's, Soviet Union, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot in Cambodia, the North Vietnamese and every other totalitarian regime. This country needs to fear this rise of the left and their politically correct movement.


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