JoCo Commish Ronnie Metsker Targeted By ACLU Amid Kansas Ballot Questions

The fight over a sketchy GOP primary vote isn't yet complete and here's the latest power move by local legal eagles. Read more:

ACLU files lawsuit against JOCO election commissioner over ballot lists

The American Civil Liberties Union in Kansas has filed a lawsuit against Johnson County Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker, asking to see lists of provisional and advance mail ballots that were rejected. "We aren't asking to see who they voted for or any private information," said Lauren Bonds, the ACLU of Kansas' legal director.


  1. Why? If you are not interested in who they voted for then you have no basis for your complaint. The only reason you could want to know is to change the last election and its only 50 days until the next election so you could only affect the republican chance negatively. Time to reign in the ACLU (American Comunist Liberal Union)

  2. Who are they kidding? Those 809 Colyer ballots were shredded within minutes of the polls closing.

  3. This just in, the ACLU has a witness who swears that Ronnie Metsker peeked at her panties in first grade. Demands new election.


  4. Hey don't make a joke about Ronnie Metsker they are nice people and have helped a lot of kids in this city for years with their youth ranch among other things. His mom and dad were great people too.


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