Is Private Water Company Takeover The Only Hope For Kansas City?!?!

Don't get it twisted . . . Corporate control has its downsides as well . . . And for the most part Burns & Mac actually run the KC Water Department with a lot less oversight than most companies thanks to a myriad of political connections.

Still . . . This company is moving in on local Water territory at a rapidly increasing pace. They've made play for KCMO Water before but now rising rates and continued customer dissatisfaction might make their pitch seem a bit more attractive.

Deets in the link preview are the sufficient for highlights and here's a quicker path for subscribers. Read more:

American Water buys Lawson, Mo., water system for $4 million - Kansas City Business Journal

A subsidiary of New Jersey-based American Water Works Co. Inc. recently completed its acquisition of a water and wastewater system in rural Kansas City. Missouri American Water will add about 968 water and 913 wastewater customers in Lawson, which is a city of about 2,400 people that spreads across Clay, Clinton, and Ray counties.


  1. Well, give it 5 years and that won't be a pretty site at all. I'm for efficient workings of things, and the government isn't. But one of the reasons that we "can" afford utilities is that the fees barely cover costs, and sometimes not. Private company? Expect rates to jump 20% immediately. I wonder how they address shutting off services, forced access to private property etc. City's are directed in how to accomplish those tasks in the Charter or whatever governing document they use. A private company, on behalf of a City? That sounds like some sort of dangerous cyborg.

  2. Electricity, natural gas, internet service, telephone land lines and trash service are all provided by private companies in most cities. Why should water be different?

  3. Since when was Lawson mo rural to killa shitty? It’s only 47 miles north of killa shitty, Lawson mo wants nothing to do with this wildly inaccurate and false claim, don’t drag us down with your “rural” b.s.

  4. ^^^^^^^^ Shut up Lawson, nobody likes you. You're rural and shitty. Live with it or move.

  5. I have been saying the City needs to sell off water services for years. Use the revenue to lower rates and fund the improvement program. Less red tape, less labor expensenses (City employees cost lots of money)

  6. stupidest shit ive heard all week


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