I-70 Drive-In Last Picture Show

Long time coming for this local landmark and movie venue for another era . . . Check the official notice finale:

I-70 Drive-In permanently closed, owners say continued operation was not sustainable

A long-standing tradition for Kansas City families has turned its lights off for the last time. B&B Theaters says it has made the decision to close the I-70 Drive-In. The theater's final show played earlier this month. A statement from the company issued Thursday night said that despite making major financial investments in the property, continued operation was not sustainable.


  1. The internet and cable killed the Drive-In theaters.

  2. ...and real estate values.

  3. ^^Wow, I mean that is some of the most insightful business analyst we've seen on here. You guys must be ivy-league educated! Just top notch analysis all the way around. Bravo chaps bravo!

  4. ^^^ The only business analysis you know is that your piggy bank is empty.

  5. A Drive-In closed?
    Well no shit!
    What year is this, 1990?

  6. @8:19AM who uses the word piggy bank anymore? Jesus Christ, how old are you? Geezers man, geezers.

  7. I'd go to the drive through once or twice a year and it was always a good time and every time I went it was packed. Bet it is expensive to run, but I did enjoy it

  8. I had great times at the drive-ins in the early 80's with my HS friends. We'd smoke pot, drink beer, leave the I-70 or Twin and head to In-A-Tub tacos, then hit Northtown bowling alley or make a run to the liquor store at 5th or 6th & Admiral for the $10 underage six-packs (Falstaff only). The drive-ins were just places to pick up the chicks. The last time I went, I could barely see the screen and the transmitted audio was awful. No great loss, but it's sad to see them go, like most things nostalgic.


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